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Nexvax2 Financing

We have tried to post as much as we can about treatments for celiac disease and Nexvax2 seems to be leading the charge right now. This press release talks about the latest Nexvax2 financing and what the money will mean to research efforts. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ImmusanT, Inc. announced today it […]


Nexvax2 To Begin Phase Two Trials

ImmusanT, Inc., a biotechnology start up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is testing a vaccine to desensitize celiac patients to gluten. It is called Nexvax2, and it has already passed Phase I clinical trials, which means that it is safe and tolerable to humans. Nexvax2 is slated to begin Phase II trials, which address efficacy, within […]