Something Savory Bakery & Cafe – Maryville, TN

Something Savory Bakery & Cafe in Maryville, TN is located right on your way to the wonderful vacation areas of the Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee. On the first day of our trip to the mountains this year, my spouse started searching for her favotire gluten free dessert (cupcakes!) while we were driving. She came across Something Savory Bakery & Cafe in Maryville, Tn which was about an hour away from where we were. She called them and within a minute she had a dozen gluten free cupcakes ordered and waiting on us.

When we arrived we found out that the cafe had several gluten free dining options and even have their own gluten free bread! Wanda had the gluten free chili and I had the pimento cheese sandwich. Both were great! We also sampled several of their gluten free desserts, including the cupcakes. Everything that we tried there, including the gluten free bread, tasted great. Something Savory has now been added to our list of places that we will drive out of our way for.

Something Savory Bakery & Cafe is not a gluten free facility but they are very aware of the cross contamination issues and take every precaution to avoid them. We talked to several of their staff who were all aware of celiac disease and the dangers of cross contamination. They will also ship their gluten free goodies to you. You can contact them on Facebook or at 865-984-0550.

It’s been three days since we were there and we only have three cupcakes left. Sounds like we may be headed back to Something Savory to re-supply!

Something Savory Bakery Cafe

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  1. admin says:

    A year later and we stopped back in to raid the gluten free goodies at closing time. Great as always, we will be back in a few days!

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