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See's Candies, Inc.If you are looking for a special occasion gift such as a birthday or valentine’s day gift for that special someone who has to eat gluten free, then See’s Candies is the first place to look. Their candy box gifts are some of the best on the market and the majority of their candies are gluten free.

You can find them in many candy stores or you can order them online. Sometimes you can get them online at a reduced cost by using coupons or finding online specials on their website.

To help you find the right gluten free candy, please check out their allergen page. They list the products they have that do contain gluten so you can rule those out. As you can see, not many of their candies contain gluten. One thing to keep in mind is there is no statement about cross contamination here but we have not had any issues with them. They do list their tool free number and a statement that they will be glad to answer any questions.

From their website,, they tell the story of how See’s became to be one of the best candy makers of all time:

See’s Famous Old Time Candies® are well known and loved throughout the West where the company was founded in 1921. If you were to visit a See’s Candy store, you would find a sparkling clean black and white shop where your candies would be packed to order as you made your candy selection. See’s reputation for friendly old-fashioned service remains unrivaled.

To produce the best possible boxed chocolates, we at See’s acquire the choicest and finest grade raw ingredients from all over the world. Making over 100 varieties of candies, we have maintained our reputation for excellence by strict adherence to See’s “Quality Without Compromise®” motto.

See’s is headquartered in South San Francisco, California with kitchens located in both Los Angeles and South San Francisco delivering fresh chocolates and candies to over 200 See’s shops in the West where See’s Candies are a “Happy Habit®”.

They have many selections that are priced under $10 and their packaging is great for all those special occasions were candy makes the greatest gift. So if you are looking for gluten free candy, is the place to start.

See's Candies, Inc.

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