Pier 424 – New Orleans, LA

Pier 424 in New Orleans, LA is located right on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. They have a menu posted outside and usually a hostess standing at the door. Pier 424 does not have a specific gluten free menu. Based on the items on the regular menu we felt that if the chef knew anything about gluten and cross contamination, modifications could be made to several of the items. After discussing this with the chef, the decision was made to try the crab leg steamer pot. Gluten free in New Orleans just got a little easier!This was an excellent choice! It was similar to a low country boil with crab legs added. The serving size was just right, eat until you are stuffed, then just a little more so you don’t feel like you have to carry it with you.

Eating gluten free in New Orleans is not impossible but you do have to do your research and pay close attention to cross contamination issues. Pier 424 was so good that we ate there three times during our week long stay. Each time the server was knowledgeable of our gluten free concerns and all of our questions were answered to our satisfaction. They have their menu listed on their website.

Pier 424 is definitely one of the restaurants on our list when looking for gluten free New Orleans!

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