Pie Sensations – Columbia, TN

We were excited to find a bakery in our hometown that knows how to bake gluten free! Pie Sensations, a bakery located at 26 Public Square, Columbia, TN routinely has a gluten free coconut cake on their menu. While Pie Sensations is not a gluten free bakery, they are well aware of cross contamination issues and take great care in making sure that anything they make gluten free is prepared in an environment to prevent cross contamination.

After buying 3 of their gluten free coconut cakes and not having any issues with them, it was time for a custom order. Wanda’s birthday request was for a gluten free birthday cake. Since we loved the taste of their previous cakes I called to see if they could make a gluten free birthday cake. They let me know they were not cake decorators and that was fine with me. I told them I just needed a white cake with white icing, all gluten free. They said that was not a problem.

I picked up the cake a few days later and was very surprised! The cake was huge and it tasted better than any other birthday cake I had tasted. If you are looking for gluten free baked goods anywhere near Columbia, TN, we recommend Pie Sensations. You can contact them at 931-223-5846.

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