Naked Pizza – New Orleans, LA

During our recent visit to New Orleans we discovered a pizza place named “Naked Pizza”. On their online menu, they had a gluten free pizza listed. On our way out of town, we decided to stop in and see what Naked Pizza was all about. The store only offers takeout and limited delivery so don’t plan on sitting inside to eat. When we went inside Naked Pizza we found that they have a gluten free crust and you can build whatever kind of pizza you want with many gluten free toppings. The staff working the day we were there was very knowledgeable about cross contamination issues and we could actually see them prepare the pizza. Naked Pizza only offers their gluten free pizza in a medium size but that was fine for us.

The pizza only took about 10 minutes from order to us walking out the door. The pizza tasted great! I ordered a regular pizza so I could compare the taste. (Sounded like a good reason to eat more pizza). I liked that they completely prepared my wife’s gluten free pizza before starting on my regular one. I was very surprised at the taste. I would not have known I was eating gluten free pizza if I had not ordered it that way. My wife was very happy to have a freshly prepared pizza! And when mama’s happy, …… well you know the rest!

Anyone in the New Orleans area that is looking for gluten free pizza needs to try them! They also have about 16 other locations across the country. You can look them up at

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