Muriel’s – New Orleans, LA

Before my wife was diagnosed with celiac disease, we seemed to plan our vacations around what we wanted to eat. After the diagnosis, nothing changed except what we wanted to eat! Gluten free New¬†Orleans here we come!¬†Planning a trip to the New Orleans French Quarter around gluten free dining choices seemed impossible. We found that eating gluten free in the French Quarter can be a challenge, but not impossible. One of the first restaurants that we found online that published a gluten free menu was Muriel’s.

The first thing on the menu that caught her eye was the three gluten free desserts offered. That was all that it took to make the decision to go to Muriel’s. It was an easy walk from our hotel and there was no wait when we arrived. Our waitress was knowledgeable of their gluten free menu and made some recommendations. Since it is rare to find a resturant that offers gluten free desserts, my wife didn’t waste any time ordering. “One of each will be fine”, she told the waitress.

A few minutes later the waitress appeared with a slice of flourless choclate cake, a vanilla bean creme burlee and three flavors of house made sorbet. I did manage to get a few bites myself and everything tasted great. She voted them the best sweets in the French Quarter! I tried their onion and garlic soup (not gluten free) and it was amazing.

Although we did not try any of their entrees, they have several listed on their website which has the gluten free menu listed separately. If you are looking for gluten free in New Orleans, Muriel’s is a great place to try.

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