Kick The Holiday Blues

Do you need to kick the holiday blues? Many people seem to get depressed during the holidays and there are many reasons for this. Sometimes it is just the stress of getting things done in time or something as simple as bad weather that keeps you indoors. We cannot control many things that affect us but there are some things that we can do about it.

Here are 5 ways to help you body recover from the physical stress of the holidays from Dr. Deborah Serani. Dr. Serani is the author of the book Living with Depression: Why Biology and Biography Matter along the Path to Hope and Healingand has been interviewed on the subject for ABC News, Glamour Magazine, The Associated Press as well as served as a technical advisor on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


The body needs a break after long periods of stress. She suggests a “pajama day” for rest and relaxation. She also suggests unplugging from technology too.


By moving 30 minutes a day, your body can process the excess chemicals that keep your body from relaxing. Play with the kids, run with your dog, take a walk – just move.

Look Forward

Instead of dwelling on the season’s end, look forward to the next event, birthday or vacation to help you move into the new year.

Relive the Memories

Take time to relive the special memories you and your family made this holiday. Wear your new things or print pictures of the fun memories. It will help you concentrate on the fun stuff that happened.

Talk about It

When you talk to others about your experiences, it helps keep the depression from taking hold. Again, revisit good memories, talk through any sad experiences and help solidify the decisions you have made.

Remember that sometimes just random acts of kindness make you feel better. Smile at a stranger. Open a door for someone else. Thank someone for the work they do. Let another driver into the line of traffic. Give someone a ride. Run an errand for someone who is sick. Small kindnesses take little time or effort but can make a big difference in someone else’s day. Perhaps you’ll even inspire others to pay it forward.

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