How to Stay Updated on Gluten Free and Celiac News

The internet has become the lifeline for information for those with celiac disease or gluten issues. One of the most time consuming things each day for me is to try to read all the blog posts and news articles concerning the topic that I am interested in. If you want to know how to stay updated on gluten free and celiac news then follow this simple step.

Most everyone has a google account. If you do not have one, then get one. It’s free. In your google account go to your account settings and add Alerts to your list of products. Create an alert, based on the topic or keyword you want information about. I created two, one for celiac and one for gluten free. Choose how often you want the information, how many results you want and where you want the results delivered. I choose to get the email once a day with only the best results for the topic.

For the celiac topic I usually get around 15 results per day and for gluten free it returns about 35 per day. I do not read every result but the format the email is in lets you screen the title and a short description quickly.

You can create a folder on your email account to store these alerts and have your account automatically forward the alerts to the folder each time one comes in. This way they do not clutter your inbox and they are all in one place when you get a chance to read them.

If you have a need to stay gluten free then you need to stay updated on the latest information and this is one of many ways to do it. Information is the key to survival so make it easier on yourself and use this simple system.

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