Hard Eight BBQ – Coppell, TX

While talking to some co-workers about where to eat in the Dallas, TX area, they recommended Hard Eight BBQ. This place is unique in that when you walk up to the line outside the door, a cook opens a large smoker and reveals many different types of meat. Brisket, sausage, pork, ribs, turkey as well as roasted corn and other items. Everything on the grill is gluten free except the sausage. Each meat is grilled on its own section so there are not any cross contamination issues. Once you select the meat, it is weighed and you pay by the pound. Then you go inside and pick your sides. It is best to ask at the counter if a particular side contains gluten. They have a bean pot that offers unlimited servings too. Great meal, just be ready for a nap when you finish. Read more at www.hardeightbbq.com Click here for another gluten free review of Hard Eight.

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