Great Value (Wal Mart) Frozen Corn

It’s just corn…right? Well that’s what I thought. I had bought this type of frozen corn at Kroger’s many times but I was at Wal mart and needed corn. It was on sale so in the basket it went. After eating most of the bag with several gluten attacks, I read the back of the bag. There it was: May contain traces of wheat..blah..blah..blah…..How could I have missed that? It’s just corn….Another lesson in reading the ingredients of every single thing that goes into the cart!

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  1. admin says:

    Lovely low country boil for Thanksgiving but guess who didn’t check the brand of corn on the cob? Once again, corn may not be just corn. Yep, and my beautiful wife is paying the price now. “May contain traces of wheat” means that it does!

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