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Outback Steakhouse provides the public with a menu of their gluten free options. Outback Steakhouse gluten free menu has some of the best selections and this place is one of our favorite places to eat. The steaks at Outback are amazing and they offer many other gluten free dining options. We have dined at many Outback restaurants, especially in the southeast and have found that the servers are knowledgeable about the menu and cross contamination issues.

Most of their main menu options can be ordered without the seasonings and no other changes are made. When you place your order the server will usually repeat back to you the changes as

outback gluten free menu

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they write them down. if they do not, make sure they get it right. If we encounter a server that does not seem to understand, we will not hesitate to talk to the manager. In most cases if that happens, the manager will take over the order and walk it through themselves. But always make sure to ask enough questions that you are satisfied that your order is being handled with care.

We also try to avoid the busy times as the possibility of cross contamination increases just by the nature of the kitchen working so fast.

Another thing that we try do do each time is talk to the manager after the meal. If the service and food were right then we let the manager know what a good job they did. If there were issues with the gluten free ordering process or handling then we tactfully point those out and make suggestion on how to correct it.

Don’t forget the flourless brownie for dessert! It is awesome!

Check this link often as the list may change from time to time. Please share your experiences while eating gluten free at Outback by leaving a comment below.

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