Gluten Free Restaurants

We wanted to use this page to discuss gluten free restaurants and the concerns of eating out with celiac disease. A quick internet search for gluten free restaurants will show you the chain restaurants that offer gluten free dining options. Please understand that although these restaurants may advertise gluten free menu items, cross contamination is always an issue. While managers sometimes receive training on food allergies, most of the workers have no clue how to serve you, especially in fast food places.

One thing that we learned early on is that when ordering in a restaurant where you can see your food being prepared, watch them! If you see them doing anything that could contaminate your food, don’t be afraid to say something. Have them correct it, even if they have to start over.

Some restaurants provide information about their gluten free menu options in an easy to find and read format while others provide very little information. Please research a restaurant as much as you can before you walk in the door. Doing this will help make your dining experience much safer.

The links below will direct you to more information on gluten free menu options at specific restaurants:


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