Gluten Free Dietitian Nashville Tennessee

I wanted to make a quick post about a gluten free dietitian in Nashville, Tennessee that we met yesterday. Her name is Kristen Pardue and she is a Registered Dietitian. After searching for someone in the Nashville area to help us with making food and supplement selection, we found her and make an appointment. She was very accommodating with our schedule and after finding out that she has a gluten sensitivity and follows a strict gluten free diet herself, our confidence that we found the right person was even higher.

Due to being in the gluten free lifestyle for over two years we were able to tell that she knew what she was talking about right away. She took time to learn about my wife’s eating habits, medical issues and what we were trying to accomplish by hiring her. Because she is gluten free, she was able to show us what supplements were necessary to maintain proper vitamin levels and describe why each one is necessary along with the proper doses to take each day. My confidence was boosted even more when she went to her own cabinets and displayed the actual supplements that she was recommending. We had met with one other so called gluten free dietitian who seem to just wanted to sell us her brand of supplements which she knew nothing about. Kristen was not selling anything and knew a lot about what she herself was taking.gluten free dietitian

During the meeting, Kristen prepared a set of short term goals to adjust eating habits and even offered to prepare a menu plan if necessary. I feel that making the changes that she suggested will help increase and maintain nutrition levels and make our walk along the celiac road a little easier to handle. I would suggest that anyone needing her services contact her to see if she can help. You can look her up on Facebook or go to her website,

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