Gluten Free Cheeseburger in Paradise

wandalulumenu1We recently visited the Alabama Gulf Coast and decided it was time to eat. We had stopped by LuLu’s in Gulf Shores several times but the wait was always too long.  For those not familiar, the owner, Lucy Buffett is the sister of singer Jimmy Buffett. This time it was not crowded at all. We had done our homework and knew they had a gluten free menu so we knew that at least one person there should have an idea what gluten was.

When we asked for the gluten free menu we were surprised to find they had a complete food allergy menu. Our server suggested a particular drink and Wanda asked about the content of the mixer. That brought the manager, Dustin, to our table. He was very knowledgeable about food allergies. He even brought the mix boxes to the table. After reviewing the ingredients he suggested that she not have it because of some of the wording about flavors on the label. Dustin informed us that all orders from customers with food allergies are reviewed by the manager during the entire ordering, cooking and serving process.wandalulu1

Wanda had not had a cheeseburger in a restaurant since being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. The signature item on the menu is called “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and is available as a gluten free item because it is served on a Udi’s Gluten Free Bun. The manager told us that the entire burger is cooked and assembled away from the main areas of the grill to avoid cross contamination. Trade the fries for some seasoned vegetables and the whole order is gluten free! I ordered the regular burger and Wanda got the gluten free one.

When the food came to the table, the manager delivered her burger personally. This level of service and knowledge is rare in a restaurant. I know some will be quick to point out that a cheeseburger is not the most healthy choice but the smile on my bride’s face after the first bite told me that it was the best choice!  The gluten free cheeseburger was great as was the side order of vegetables.

The meal was more than Wanda could eat so she boxed it up and had it for lunch the next day. She is very sensitive to gluten and did not have any effect from this meal at all, other than wanting another cheeseburger!

lulurec1When the check arrived, I saw something else that I rarely see. It had an allergy warning right on the ticket. Everyone that came in contact with her order would have the food allergy warning. This is great and maybe in the future, more restaurants will get onboard with things like this.

For more information on LuLu’s, check out their website here. There are many activities for kids and adults alike.  If you are ever in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area and need a place to eat, stop by and give LuLu’s a try.

Share this post on Twitter and Facebook to let others know. A gluten free cheeseburger is not a common item, even on standard gluten free menus. This one is worth the drive and the calories!




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