Battle House – Mobile, AL

On our return from New Orleans, LA, we decided to stay a couple of days in Mobile, AL at the Battle House Hotel and Spa. We arrived fairly late in the evening and upon checking in we asked if any of the hotel restaurants offered gluten free selections. The manager went to the kitchen and returned with the chef on duty that night. Her name is Allie Sansom and she immediately put our mind at ease about staying there. Allie was very knowledgeable about celiac. The hotel restaurants do not have gluten free menus but she described what items she could make gluten free. There were several items to choose from.

Late night eating is all about the desserts so Allie prepared a couple of gluten free desserts and sent them to our room. She included a personal note saying that she would prepare our dinner the following night.

The Trellis Room, which is the main restaurant for the Battle House, was closed so we went to the Royal Street Tavern, also in the hotel. We were surprised to find out that Allie had already informed the bartender to call her when we arrived. There were not many people there at the time and we soon realized that we had our own personal chef for the night! Allie told us that she was going to prepare scallops for my wife and I ordered Ahi Tuna.

glutenfreemobileAllie delivered our meal to the table and described exactly how she had prepared it. It was obvious that she knew her stuff when it came to cooking gluten free and avoiding cross contamination. The meal was amazing! Any thoughts of not being able to find gluten free options in Mobile were gone.

After enjoying the atmosphere and food it was dessert time. Allie to the rescue again! Gluten free vanilla creme burlee and a gluten free chocolate cake were the picks. When Allie brought these to the table it caught the attention of several people who had came into the restaurant. Everyone wanted to check them out. They were welcome to look but we were’nt going to give up any samples for anyone! Just like the meal, the desserts were amazing.gluten free desserts

Needless to say, our gluten free experience at the Battle House was one of the best that we have ever experienced. The care and concern that the management and staff extended to us was above and beyond all of our expectations. If you are anywhere near Mobile, Alabama and need to eat gluten free, make sure to go to the Battle House. Ask for Allie and you will not be disappointed! We are already planning our next trip.

More information about the Battle House can be found here.

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