Avoid Three Things When Going Gluten Free

Learning to eat gluten free takes time and a lot of “trial and error”. Since everyone reacts different to gluten there is no one single right way to start or maintain a gluten free diet. I recently found these tips which list three things to avoid when going gluten free:

Do not eat lots of food labeled “gluten free.” The first thing people usually do is load up on all sorts of gluten-free cookies, crackers, cakes, cereals, pretzels, pasta, etc. Beware: These are still highly processed junk foods made from high-glycemic, low-fiber flours, and most contain high amounts of sugar. “Gluten-free” doesn’t mean healthy.

Do not make “reasonable” assumptions at restaurants. You ordered a simple meal of fish, chicken or meat and vegetables. Why would there be gluten in that? Foods are dredged in flour, cooked with a “roux” or prepared with marinades that contain gluten. Many restaurants, even nice ones, serve french fries that are a reconstituted mix of dried potatoes and flour. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be your own advocate, and always ask your server.

Do not do gluten-lite versus gluten-free. It takes up to two weeks for gluten to leave your system, so if you’re indulging once a week, you’ll never get the benefits of removing it from your diet. Moreover, recent research shows that even a small amount of gluten negatively impacts inflammatory markers for six months. Try a regimen of lean protein, lots of vegetables, a little fruit, nuts and seeds. You really don’t need those grains at all, and you may feel a lot better without them.

The first tip is really right on point. We would go to Whole Foods and buy a pack or bag of anything that had gluten free written on it. Most all of it turned out to be tasteless, flavorless junk that provided absolutely zero nutrition.

Along with these three things to avoid when going gluten free, do your research before you go to the grocery store and you will have a head start on the process.

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