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I am wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with the labeling at Whole Foods Market. As I write this my spouse is in the middle of the worst gluten attack that she has had in a very long time. We stopped at Whole Foods Market and bought one back of gluten free groceries, costing about $80. Maybe we have become too complacent with the new “CONTAINS” labels. She picked up an order of fresh sushi and scanned the label which had a “contains” statement. Soy and Fish were the two allergen items listed. I too looked at the label and gave my ok. Steak and sushi was a good meal, until about 2 hours later.

When she became violently sick, I started checking  all the labels again. There it was, in the fine print in the middle of the sushi label, “wheat” (as an ingredient of soy sauce). I know that it is our responsibility to read the entire label and wheat was listed.

BUT, I feel that if a product is going to have a contains statement and wheat, which is one of the main listed allergens according to the FDA, is in the product, it should be listed in the contains statement. I feel that the intent of the labeling regulations are to make the reader of the label quickly aware if the food contains one of the 12 main allergens, so why not put it there?

I have not had a chance to discuss this with the grocer yet but I plan to. I will post their response here. Any thoughts?

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