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Here is our story (in a nutshell). We are a couple that live in the Nashville, TN area. I do not have any condition that prevents me from eating gluten, but the love of my life does. She has celiac disease and any exposure to gluten has devastating effects. I’m sure her experience on the road to the celiac diagnosis was similar to many other people but having the disease for 42 years without knowing what was causing the sickness is a long, horrible experience. All the doctors visits, medication, iron infusions and misdiagnosis took its toll. The doctor that finally discovered the celiac told her that she should go home and read about it on the internet because he didn’t know how to treat it.

So we began our juorney to learn how to avoid gluten and heal her small intestine. The information was overwhelming and nothing seemed to work. All the advise we could find had the same theme, “avoid gluten”. We continued our search for a local doctor that could help. We were amazed at the number of physicians that did not have a clue what celiac is. We bought books, magazines and spent days sitting in front of the computer trying to tame this monster. Her health got to a point where I thought I was just sitting by watching her die.

In a “bfoto” (blinding flash of the obvious) it finally sank in that the destruction caused in her small intestine was keeping her body from absorbing any nutrients from the food she ate. The lack of nutrition was causing many of the problems that she was having. We learned that her body was not breaking down the vitamin supplements she was taking. She mustered up the strength to get in the car and we drove to the  Vitamin Shoppe and found a helpful associate. We bought several items;
Nature’s Plus Source of Life Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Mineral 30oz
, Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS (Enhanced Probiotic System, and several others.  We made sure that everything we bought was gluten free. She started on them as soon as we got to the car. Within a matter of minutes I saw color come back into her face. It was amazing how fast it worked. Within an hour we were at Carrabba’s and she was enjoying a wonderful meal from their gluten free menu. For weeks she had not had a decent meal but after the dose of vitamins she was able to eat and enjoy it.

There have been setbacks since then but with a strict adherence to the gluten free diet and a healthy daily dose of vitamins, it is getting better. We realize now just how serious this disease is and with help from many of you who take the time to share your stories and struggles, we realize too than we can make it. So thanks to everyone who contributes and we hope this site may help others…….

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